Tal Czudner, Committee Member: In Conversation

We’ve all heard the expression, “If you want something done, give the job to a busy person”. Enter Tal Czudner. Tal is the General Manger of the historic Essex Golf & Country Club, no small task of itself. But add to that his recent appointment as the Chair of the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation, and you can only imagine his work day. Despite that, Tal has generously volunteered whatever remaining time he has to chip in as a committee member for the Play for a Cure event being held in Windsor.
Tal describes his involvement in helping raise funds for local cancer research in the form of a direct challenge to all of us.
“I believe that EVERYONE has an obligation to help people in their community. From young children to senior citizens, each of us should feel that need to chip in. That call of duty is something that can have a very positive impact in people’s lives, and the health of the entire community.”
Mind you, when Jeff Casey first tried to entice Tal to use his planning and operational skills to assist in the new program, he balked. He had a lot on the go at the time and wasn’t looking for another pile of work to adorn his already cluttered desk.
“It was August, a busy time of year in our industry, and our golf course was humming. I said I just couldn’t commit. Jeff responded that he would check back in a month for my “final” answer. Great leadership on his part, because he knew that things would start to slow down a bit for me. In the end, he is a person who doesn’t like to hear the word no. I’m happy to help out any way I can.”
Tal has unfortunately seen his share of cancer effects on family, friends and colleagues.
“My father passed away from colon cancer 16 years ago. And my wife Daniella is an ovarian cancer survivor. She had a tumour of over 9 pounds that was successfully removed, and we are so grateful for the care, treatment and support she received.”
To that end, Tal is sure that local fundraising is a wise course of action in the fight to beat cancer.
“The members of our Windsor Cancer Research Group are doing some amazing things. But increased funding will permit even greater and more frequent breakthroughs, and all at a faster pace. With increased funding comes increased advancement, increased credibility, leading to top end recruitment of talent – which means top end results. That is the end game, the best people we can bring to our community providing the best outcomes for all types of cancer patients.”
His response, regardless of how many piles of work are on his desk, is to roll up his sleeves and get at it on behalf of Play for a Cure. With Tal’s kind of commitment, we are destined to see some amazing results.
Tal…thank you for your service to our community.


Vern Stenlund

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