Paul Dufour, Committee Member: In Conversation

For Paul Dufour, the President of Breadth Consulting Inc in Lasalle, an organization characterized as a boutique wealth management company, lending a helping hand for a worthy cause is not a “should do”, but rather, a “must do”.

“I am one of 6 children, and I think you could say that we were a family of rather modest means when I was growing up.  Often the gift under the Christmas tree came courtesy of a local charity, and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity played a big part in our lives as well. As such, I feel it’s a bit of payback time in my case.”

Paul understood early from his mother that there was a certain way to handle yourself in virtually all aspects of life if you wanted to become successful.

“She told us that regardless of circumstances, you always have the option to say yes or no as events come up in your life.  You make the choice – yes or no, right or wrong.  I’ve always remembered that.  It sounds simplistic, perhaps even a bit old fashioned or even corny.  But in its simplicity is great wisdom, whether you apply the “yes or no” rule to family, business, or charity work as well.”

A former President of the Lasalle Business Association, Paul is no stranger to taking on big projects and getting the job done.  A man of few words, his actions do the talking in the case of this successful businessman and local philanthropist.

“I first met Jeff Casey thru our children as we ended up coaching together and watching them play in various activities.  Both of us seem to have the same philosophy when it comes to charity work and giving, and our philanthropic leanings seem to be in the same areas.”

The Dufour clan has not been immune to the impact of cancer in their community.  Both his grandfathers and one grandmother died from the disease.  He understands the toll it can take, and that is one of the reasons he wants to help with Play for a Cure.

“Investing in local research is a prime way to fight cancer.  We have some exceptionally gifted researchers, physicians and other related medical staff in this region.  We need to help them all whenever and however we can.”

Paul notes that he believes the key to long term success in any fundraising endeavour is to keep objectives simple and clear, with the cause always in full sight.

“These events shouldn’t merely be a social gathering.  Yes, let’s enjoy the process, but we need to share the vision and reasons for why we are doing what we are doing, and that has to be kept in mind not only in the short term, but especially in the long term.”

Sound advice from someone who knows a thing or two about sustaining people, wealth and organizations over the long haul.  It is great to have Paul as a part of the Play for a Cure team, and we know that he is going to keep us on track with our objectives now, and into the future.


Vern Stenlund

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