Mark Muzzin, Team Sponsor: In Conversation

Mark Muzzin, aka “The Butcher of Kingsville”, has recently turned in that somewhat ominous moniker for a slightly more gentil title.  He will heretofore be known as “The Suds Master of the County” as the upstart Kingsville Brewing Company is a new enterprise for the family.  But all you beef aficionados can take heart as Mark’s wife Izabela will still be handling the butchery end of things (The Butcheress of Kingsville?). Mark has created an intriguing professional path in the process and is the type of businessman that always welcomes a new challenge, a new adventure.

“The time came for Izabela and me to make some decisions as to where we wanted to go with our business ventures.  When you employ people, you want to make sure that you have permanent work for everyone so that like us, they can make a decent living, support a family and so on.  Having these two businesses run in tandem will help us fulfill that primary objective.”

The Play for a Cure event seems like an obvious fit for Mark given his background and love for hockey. He is connected to the game in various ways, as a player, a fan…and oh ya, he has a little family connection as well.

“My cousin (well, more like a brother) is Marty Turco, a three-time NHL all-star goalie. I watched Marty’s career unfold along the way, seeing many games at Yost arena when he played at the University of Michigan, and then as a professional at the “Joe” in Detroit whenever he came to play against the Red Wings.”

Their family ties and close friendship have led the two to become partners in the Kingsville Brewing Company. Both are excited by the possibilities for the endeavour. Yet it is within their family ties that another less enjoyable connection exists as it relates to cancer.

“Marty’s mom, my aunt Alma, died of cancer.  But certainly, we all know of so many others that have been impacted.  Play for a Cure will greatly assist our local researchers in finding a cure for that awful disease.”

Mark also credits Jeff Casey with being a driving force behind his involvement.

“Jeff is an inspirational person who credits research with saving his life once he was diagnosed with cancer.  At the moment I first met Jeff I was more or less “looking for a sign” about whether to get into the brewing business.  And in walks Jeff into my life.  That was a good enough sign for me! It is a great pleasure to help him in any way possible to make this important program a success.”

So, the butcher has now become the suds master.  But in either capacity, Mark Muzzin obviously understands the importance of community, of giving, of charity and helping with a worthy cause.  Thank you for your help, Mark, in making Play for a Cure such a resounding success.

Oh, and Mark – make mine a stout please!


Vern Stenlund


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