Marco Bello, Team Sponsor: In Conversation

You step inside the Bello Metal Recycling facility and there to meet you with a firm grip is none other than Marco Bello himself.  He, along with sisters Diletta and Valentina, plus partner Leo Sgaravato, are continuing a family business that has its roots dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s in Torino, Italy. The Windsor location was fired up in 1990 under the direction and care of Marco’s parents, Mario and Marilena Bello, and continues to be a vibrant enterprise to this day with approximately 20 employees on site.

Marco and family are solid business people in the city, and charity work is nothing new to the Bello family.

“My dad really was a visionary, and my mom was a detail person.  Together, they made a great team.  They started in Manitoba farming when they left Italy, but soon Windsor became home.  All the while they were people who wanted to contribute to their communities and give a helping hand whenever the could.”

Exactly how did Marco get involved in the Play for a Cure initiative?

“Both of my parents were taken from us because of cancer – only 5 years apart – so the disease has impacted my family directly.  Add to that the fact that my brother-in-law Jeff (Casey) has also felt the sting of cancer, and you can understand that we feel a need to help beat this thing.  Jeff’s concept of Play for a Cure makes so much sense on so many levels.  I am more than pleased to be involved.”

Coming over to Canada as a young boy, Marco tried all the sports that his classmates were into as a way of making new friends. He enjoyed hockey and actually made it as far as the Junior “C” level, so Play for a Cure is a natural fit.

“Stepping on the ice with some of these former NHL players will be a treat.  We are going to be a part of something special, with hockey being used as the platform to help generate awareness and funding. It can’t miss.”

Marco believes that raising funds for local cancer research represents a wise investment.

“On a local level, the 1 degree of separation idea is so very true.  We personally know people involved in cancer research, who in turn know physicians who are directly treating cancer patients – and of course, we all know many of those patients.  So, it really becomes very personal at a local level, and our involvement takes on even greater meaning.  Jeff’s Play for a Cure will only heighten that meaning.”

We all appreciate that research is not cheap, and helping hands are needed to carry on the invaluable work that our research community undertakes daily in the fight against cancer.  With people such as Marco and the rest of the Bello family and crew chipping in, we know that research will get a big boost in the months and years ahead.

“Grazie, Bello famiglia. Grazie!!”


Vern Stenlund

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