John Kelloway, Team Sponsor: In Conversation

A veteran of nearly 5 decades in the financial services industry, John Kelloway is no stranger when it comes to putting together a game plan.  His bio at CIBC Wood Gundy notes that “John stresses a long-term approach to investment planning.”  The kind of insight and expertise that John is bringing to his clients in the financial realm represents the same kind of game planning that is invaluable in the long- term race to find a cure for cancer.

As John is quick to point out, that long-term approach relates specifically to some of the funding issues associated with cancer research.

“As someone who studies the markets for a living, I have become increasingly aware, and impressed, with many different “ethical funds” in which investors can become participants.  These types of funds help to generate income for both the investor and various societal causes as well, such as cancer research.”

John points to one shining example of a long-term commitment to funding that one married couple has undertook.

“Jim and Virginia Stower spearheaded the creation of a major investment fund that has given over 1 billion (that’s with a B!) dollars to help defeat cancer as well as improving health through basic research. Like many of us, both Jim and Virginia received cancer diagnosis too.  It has all led to their commitment to eventually donate their fortunes to the on-going efforts associated with cancer research.  They are a wonderful example of the investing community going to work long term to help with the cause.”

However, John also sees great value in more locally based initiatives designed to help community-based research efforts.

“Play for a Cure is an incredible concept and I am very happy to be a part of it.  We all get to be with some wonderful NHL alumni, in combination with so many local volunteers, and in the process, we are going to put some money in the bank for our local researchers.  It is the ultimate win-win scenario.”

Besides his own diagnosis, John has lost his mother to cancer, and just this year two buddies passed away as a result of the disease as well.

“You know, the truth is that I have to plead guilty on being kind of a bystander in all of this over the years.  I would certainly participate at the corporate level in cancer related fundraising, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in February that I decided to make this a more personal fight as well. I always thought that it couldn’t happen to me – but it did!  Losing family and friends to cancer also upped the ante as well.”

Leadership within the financial community is going to be a key to any long-term success that our local research community might enjoy.  It’s comforting to know that we have people such as John Kelloway stepping up to the plate and taking their best swing in an effort to assist in finding the cure.

Thank you, John, for your vitally important participation in Play for a Cure.


Vern Stenlund

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