Why we do what we do

This event is a grassroots initiative that will create awareness and raise  funds to support Collaboration and strengthen Cancer Research in the Windsor-Essex region. A clear opportunity exists to integrate Cancer Research into the new State-of-the-Art Hospital that is currently in the
planning stages. We believe that along with your support we can be influencers and create a movement that will ensure the people in our community receive the best possible healthcare.

Without research, HOPE is just another word.

In partnership with the Windsor Essex Community Foundation, we have created the Cancer Research Collaboration Fund. The objectives of the fund will be twofold; first, will be an endowment portion that will provide monetary support towards various initiatives including, but not limited to, education, outreach, internships and training. Secondly, funds will be provided for capital investment purposes that support a collaborative effort involving Cancer Research within the Windsor-Essex Community.

Key Point: Infrastructure and equipment for cancer research are in the plans, but the dollars from the ministry are not. It will be up to the local community to fundraise, support and help sustain cancer research activity in the New Windsor-Essex Hospital System.